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Reflexology is a natural therapy, non-invasive that encourages your body to heal and keep itself balanced and healthy. With this relaxing and enjoyable therapy that acts at the physical and emotional levels, you can experience a sense of harmony and general well-being.

The Benefits of Reflexology:

  • relaxation
  • improves and relieves effects of stress
  • pain relief
  • improves blood and lymphatic circulation
  • boosts the immune system
  • encourages bowel movements
  • elimination of toxins and waste products
  • releases energy blockages
  • psychological comfort
  • improves sleep
  • relieves tensions

Reflexology is a very helpful therapy for almost everyone. Female, male, elderly, children, babies can enjoy the benefits of reflexology and you do not need to suffer from a particular condition to try it: reflexology, in fact, is also believed to be a preventive form of therapy that keeps your body balanced and healthy by helping organs to work effectively and encouraging the natural flow of energy.

Your first visit will include a free consultation regarding your medical history and lifestyle, diet and exercise. Reflexology has a holistic approach to health which means that in order to plan the best treatment for you, we need to consider all factors that may impact your well-being.


Skin is the largest organ of our body and

we should treat it with care.

If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!


As a holistic therapist I care of my clients’ health at 360Β°. That’s why all products I use are organic and 100% natural.

I received many positive comments about their lovely smell and how they make the clients’ feet so soft. From unscented waxes/balms for those who don’t want a scent in their treatment to balms made of a blend of carrier oils, waxes, butters and essential oils which enrich the balm and are ideal in some circumstances (mandarin balm for use during pregnancy is rich in Vitamin E and mandarin essential oil which help reduce anxiety, pain and nausea).

For the best Facial Reflexology experience I chose to use Rose Oil, a 100% natural oil rich on pomegranate, jojoba and argan oil and vitamin E that moisturises and softens your skin by improving its elasticity, calms inflammation, stimulates skin cell renewal and make your skin glow and radiant by reducing the appearance of ages spots and blemishes.

One more reason to love your reflexology treatment!

(suitable for vegan)