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Gift Voucher

A treatment makes a unique and perfect gift for a birthday, an anniversary, mother’s day, mum-to-be, new mother or as a thank you, to show someone special that you really care.

Paper Gift Vouchers can be collected from me or sent by post to yourself or directly to the recipient. They come with a white or gold envelope and can be purchased for the value of £40, £80, £120 to spend towards any treatment (these are equivalent to value of one, two or three treatments of reflexology of 45 minutes). The receiver can also use it towards a 30 minutes Reflexology treatments, which worth £32, or towards a treatment of Indian Head Massage, which worth £28, and the remaining balance can be used afterwards (see full Terms and Conditions).

Payment by cash or card for paper Gift Voucher collected from me and through PayPal if sent to you by mail (plus shipping fees).

E-Gift Voucher

Select your favourite E-Gift Voucher thought for every occasion.

If you don’t find the E-Gift Voucher you had in mind, just contact me and I will create a Bespoke E-Gift Voucher for free.

E-Gift Vouchers are downloadable Gift Vouchers which can be sent to your inbox or the recipient’s inbox. Payment through PayPal.

T&C’s apply.

Gift Voucher

Happy Anniversary!

Relax with 45 minutes of Reflexology


Happy Birthday!

For you, 45 minutes of Foot or Facial Reflexology


Thank You!

For you, any Reflexology Treatment of 45 minutes


Indian Head Massage

Enjoy 30 minutes of Indian Head Massage


Classic Facial Reflexology – Gift Voucher

Treat your body and your mind with 45 minutes of Facial Reflexology


Express Facial Reflexology – Gift Voucher

Relax and unwind with 30 minutes of Facial Reflexology


Classic Reflexology – Gift Voucher

Restore and balance your body with 45 minutes of Reflexology


Express Reflexology – Gift Voucher

Unplug and treat yourself with 30 minutes of Reflexology


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Make sure the Gift Voucher’s receiver lives in the area I cover before purchasing any Gift Voucher. 

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